30 January 2014


You were that feeling of sand between my toes

Grainy and warm and the feeling of home

But the sun got high and you turned hot

Burning my feet to unbearable lot

Then the wind came and you made me cry

Wind whipping my hair with you in my eye

At last it rained and I saw you for what you are

My idea of paradise, but ideas can only go so far

I had my period yesterday, so I took the less destructive route and wrote a poem while in the throes of pain. I'd rather not be allergic to painkillers, though.

23 January 2014

The Honestly Achievable 2014 Resolution + Challenges

  1. Drive to Tagaytay. (Challenge: with family.)
  2. Reach 130 lbs. (Challenge: waistline below 30.)
  3. Get that tattoo. (Challenge: get an extra piercing IF challenge #2 is met.)
  4. Survive a semester without dropping any classes. (Challenge: GWA better than 2.50.)
  5. Go out on a real date. (Challenge: go out on two dates.)
  6. Wear nothing but a bikini to the beach. (Challenge: post a photo in said bikini.)
  7. Go for a month without etching new battle scars. (Challenge: go for three months.)
  8. Be more healthy. (Challenge: Go back to Muay Thai and commit for three months.)
  9. Beef up on culture.
    1.  Watch a concert. (Challenge: buy 3 songs every month.)
    2. Watch a play. (Challenge: join an acting workshop OR catch-up on language lessons.)
    3. Go to a museum. (Challenge: watch 12 local films.)
  10. Get published online. (Challenge: write a YA Philippines-based novel and send it to an agent.)
Image from: http://www.euronews.com/picture-of-the-day/2013/03/26/the-butterfly-effect/