19 July 2015

Midyear Assessment

So here I am. Again, it's been a while since I last blogged even though I SWORE I would do it more often. Anyway, I thought I'd just write down the most significant things that have happened so far this year so I would not forget.
  • My second year of law school has ended. Registration for the next school year is in about two weeks. I still haven't paid off my loan from last semester and we still don't have all grades in. So far though, it looks like another year in Malcolm H[a]ll for me.
  • I bought a new laptop. In cash. With a 10,000 PHP loaner from papa. It's a Mac, which signals my separation from Windows. (Note I said separation, not annulment or divorce. We just need some time away from one another. I'll go back to him in a few years and see where it goes.)
  • Pat turned 19, Che turned 22, and our parents had their silver wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful affair with a long-winded program that could have been a disaster (a storm was brewing in the horizon and the nearby town was subjected to heavy rains). We held it in Camp Capinpin, where papa was appointed commander last February and where they first met.
  • Speaking of appointments, papa got his second star. His confirmation in MalacaƱang was in the middle of finals week, so that was a bit of a struggle. We had another family portrait taken and we ALL looked considerably fatter. My relief comes from the fact that: (1) it was finals week and (2) we ALL looked fatter.
  • I applied for a scholarship. No news yet if anything will come of it, but here's to hoping.
  • Also, I was finally assessed as Bracket C in the Socialized Tuition System. Thank you, Lady Luck. Now I just need to pay off that loan so I can take out another loan for the next semester. Goodness gracious my money problems are as big as Godzilla.
  • I gained so much weight, and then I lost some. So far I'm failing every attempt of mine to do T25 daily. The longest I've gone is three days straight. Anyway, I'm just trying to exercise as much as I can. I also did one of those lunchbox diet things, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but which I cannot afford for long. Looking back, if only I did not do the lunchbox diet, I would not be in the financial pinch I am in now.
  • Finally, it's been a year since Froilan and yaya passed away. I had to save that for last just so I can reduce the negativity in this post.
In terms of my year goals, I think I'm doing okay. The marks from my last cuts are no longer visible, and I haven't intentionally hurt myself in at least three months. Of course, exercise technically falls under self-inflicted pain, but since my exercising/losing weight is getting my mother off my back, it's a good pain. I've consciously tried to be more positive about myself and others, and what bad things I may think or feel about other people, I try not to dwell on too much. I'm still judgmental and aloof but I try not to let that affect my relations with the people I care for. As for others... well, baby steps, right?

In other news, I want a bag of M&M peanuts. I'm pretty sure the benefit to my productivity will be marginal and the detriment to my weight loss journey but ugh cravings.

I really need to reactivate this blog because I realize how many thoughts I have rushing through my mind wanting to be brought into the world but never having any outlet. Like just this afternoon, when I was taking a shower, I finally figured out why some people would joke about eggs being a chicken's menstruation. If I didn't blog, who would I ever tell about that?