17 March 2015


I'm not the biggest fan of life and it's morbidity: its concept of slowly passing by without even the courtesy of letting us know until it has passed, never to return. We had to invent clocks just for that, but when our thoughts and words become too loud, the ticking of clocks is also drowned out; and technology is eliminating that ticking sound. That ticking that reminds us that everything we hold and touch is finite. We alternatively and interchangeably dread and anticipate the coming of weekends and holidays and meetings and exams and outings and dates... and just as soon as they arrive they have the audacity to depart.

But then there are moments. Moments suspended in time, frozen in memory. A mental picture accompanied by a strong feeling of happiness and joy and love. A brief respite, when you wonder what all the fear and doubt is for. Because in those rare moments, life seems to be worth living.

(15 February 2015)