10 May 2013

Undone - A Dodgy Rap

Someone save me from this darkness that devours and consumes
There's a burden to my spirit that I cannot seem to lose
In truth I can't bear sleeping though in truth I cannot wake
This dreariness, a nightmare that I could barely take

This road I'm on is one I've set, I know just where I have to go
This deepening resentment is hurting more than I could ever know
These battle scars that I've acquired from years of conflict I've never won
I'm at a loss, I am quite lost, I unravel, I am undone

Out of control and out of ground, I long to hide, long to be found
A steady mess, a wretched space, I try to fly yet fall from grace
I dream of warmth, I dream of cold, I dream of words I've never spoke
A ray of light is all I ask, the strength to wait for this to pass

Note: This started out as a loosely rhymed poem but ended up a dodgy rap. My thought process befuddles me as well.