04 May 2013

Battle Scars Strike Again

Normally, all I need is the company and conversation of my few real friends to get me out of my moods. Apparently, tonight isn't a "normal" night. I am in a funk. No matter what I immerse myself in these past few weeks, I feel like I'm wrapped in a dreary dark cloud with no means of escape. I tried exercising, I tried eating it out, I tried drinking, I tried retail therapy, I tried seeing my friends - nothing seems to work.

The black girl inside me is thinking "Mm-hmm. Girl, you just gotta get laid." The rational side of me is thinking, "Stop talking to yourself, you crazy fool." I'm not even making any sense now.

I hate being driven to this point of desperation. I know I have other options I have yet to discover, but right now, what else can I do? I'm all thought out. This is my last resort.