02 September 2014

Diet Pains

The worst part of dieting is the times you forget.

My diet plan is simple. I eat smaller portions to make my stomach smaller, so I won't feel hungry as often, and I'll feel full faster. Based on the feedback I've been getting from people around me, it's been working. Personally, I haven't seen any changes when I look at the mirror. But I do seem to not need as much food recently - which is good, both for my body and my wallet.

My problem is that I sometimes forget.

Take tonight, for example. My mom asked me to go with her to Chelsea Market & Café at Serendra, and of course I was lured by the promise of free food and a promising change in study venue. Alone in my little corner, I ordered my staple café fare (i.e., anything with pesto). My order arrived and I dug in, only to later to feel intense pain radiating from my stomach. In a nutshell, I felt like I was going to burst.

I was eating as much as I used to; the problem is, my stomach cannot take in as much food as it used to.

So there you have it, a painful heads up that my diet plan is actually working.

P.S. I just realized that as I was eating, I was using the spoon to shovel food into my mouth directly from the dish (manners dictate that I should transfer the food into a plate and eat it from there, using a fork). Oops.