19 February 2013

Countless Thoughts On Another Wasted Night (Hopes for a Future Far Far Away)

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I hope I won't grow up to become yet another totally capable person who's managed to teach his or herself to become blind.

I hope that whatever pains I've gone through and will go through in the future will not destroy me until I've fulfilled the things I've defined as my mission.

I hope that the difference I've set myself to making will come about eventually, and that the lives I help save and the changes that spinoff from those children's new lives will someday cumulatively make a small niche of the world a better place.

I hope to wake up one day and learn to accept myself for what I am and not insist to earn other people's affections, and to accept the fact that I will never receive the love and friendships I desire without having to work hard for it.

I hope that one day I can admit that life will never be easy and though I was luckily born into a good environment, I am all the more indebted to serve those who were not so lucky.

I hope to someday find peace in myself, to be content to give love and to feel happiness in the joy of others, and to be immersed fully in the act of giving love that I will never again have the time or opportunity to hope to be loved as well.