20 December 2013

Migration Continues

The post migration continues while I am being overwhelmed by the book I currently have on hand. Steve Berry's The King's Deception is a good read, especially for those of us who've been cloistered in offices, coffee shops and libraries for way too long.

I think these migrations are actually doing me a lot of good. They're almost... therapeutic. I get to read and reminisce on songs and essays I've done before, and feel good about how much I've gone through to be where I am today - which isn't really all that monumental, but good progress nonetheless.

Here's a random thought: I want to go on a reading date. One where my date and I would each have a good book in hand, and we'd waste the day away in a comfortable spot, reading. It's going to be meditative and sweet and lovely. I don't know if many people notice, but we all have different reading habits, some more annoying than others.

Someone I could spend an entire day with, just reading and walking around, holding hands and exchanging thoughts. That would be wonderful.