19 December 2013

Songs to Caleb, and Unfinished Music

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Happy valentines day everyone!

I started having dreams about an unknown guy around the time when I was in the sixth or seventh grade. He usually comes into my dreams when I was sick, or generally feeling blue. After a while I started trying to record my dreams (life then was much simpler and I actually had time to regularly write things). By then I was already very much into writing poems and such. I guess it was only natural that at some point I moved on to writing songs, and try as I might, I couldn't help but have made a few songs dedicated to this particular figment of my imagination. A friend of mine later on gave him the name Caleb, but that's another story for another time.

So again, here's to you. To the guy who I hope to someday meet, who I hope to recognize for who you are, to love truly, and to never let go of. Here's one song I made for you back when I was just coming to terms with the fact that I am dreaming about you and though I can't recognize you, I'm waiting for you. And then there's another song, a new one I started and finished very recently, that's still waiting for you.

It's been at least 8 years since we first met, Caleb. Now I'm definitely older, though the years couild not really testify to my becoming wiser or more mature. I don't dream about you as often, maybe because I haven't really had time to dream these days. Life's taking up too much of my time. Still, I'm here, waiting. I'm not saying I'm waiting faithfully, I actually do once in a while feel attraction to other entities (coz once in a while I even have obsessions over inanimate objects), but I am waiting.

This also goes out to Sassa, who helped add the last two verses to the first song, who gave Caleb a name, and who helped me realize I wasn't actually crazy for dreaming about Caleb. (Apparently, I just happened to be very disturbed. Yes, friends from my later life, I was a very, very troubled kid. Haha.) Sis, I hope you have a happy Valentines day. I miss yew. :)

(Though I have a couple of songs with complete chords, somehow I can never seem to complete the accompaniments for the songs I've made for Caleb. Hm... Maybe someday I'll be able to complete them. Maybe?)

Boy in My Dreams(Song to Caleb 01, 2003)

Verse 1
G        D                          A             Gm7
Once I told you 'bout the boy in my dreams
G                                        A
You told me he must be the one for you
G      D            A           Gm7
But it can't be, no it can't
Em                      Am7
Didn't you know that boy was you

Verse 2
F#m                  C
I dreamt of you before we met that day
F#m                                D
I'll dream of you until my death day
A                                 A#
It's so weird that I just don't understand
G                    A
Of all people, why you?

I don't care about you that much
You're just a friend in this whirlwind heck of life
So why dream of you at all
I've never heard of such
Foolishness of my part
For such a sensible girl like me
To always think of a boy like you
A dream boy in my heart

You're just a boy in my dreams
Nothing else or so it seems
Don't mess up my head
I'm so confused by,
I'm so confused by,
I'm so confused by you

Verse 3 (Verse 1 chords)
What do I really feel for you
Am I in love or am I not
But no, you don't just rule in my dreams
You're in my heart, my fantasies

Verse 4 (Verse 2 chords)
You know I love you but I can't express
Do you ever feel the same way for me
You have a smile that I can't resist
I wish that you were mine

(Refrain and Chorus except last line)


Same Moon(Song to Caleb 2, 2011)

I don't wanna be another Cinderella
Waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet
I'd rather be Xena the warrior princess
Not wearing glass on my dainty feet

I don't want any silly love games
I don't want a race to the finish
I just want somebody to hold me
Someday, some night, some way

G           D             A               D
Give me something to hold on to, coz
E                                 F#m
Sometimes I wonder if this is all there's to life
G               D                   A                    D
And maybe you won't be coming 'round anytime soon
E                               F#m                        B
Just tell me we're looking up at the same moon

(Repeat from the beginning)

Ad lib
And I'll keep wishing, and waiting, and watching out for you
And maybe one day I'll turn around and I'll find you
I'll keep dreaming and hoping that one day soon
We'll be holding hands under the moon

(Repeat chorus one time)